Frozen 2

Frozen 2 Becomes Most Successful Animated Film of All Time at the Box Office

This weekend Frozen 2 became the most successful animated film of all time at the box office. After crossing the $1.32 billion mark this weekend, it passed the original Frozen to take the top spot. This is based off of the global box office numbers.  The original Frozen peaked at $1.28 billion at the global box office. Frozen 2 currently has reached $449.9 million at the domestic box office and $875.3 million internationally.

With this new crowning achievement, it now means that The Walt Disney Company fills the top three spots for most successful animated films at the box office. Frozen 2, Frozen, and Incredibles 2 take the gold, silver, and bronze spots.

Frozen 2 is one of six movies billion dollar movies in 2019 for The Walt Disney Company. It is expected that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be joining this group soon. Frozen 2 was also nominated for two Golden Globes in the Animated Feature and Best Original Song categories. It did not win either of these though.

While Frozen 2 is now the most successful animated film at the box office, it isn’t done yet. It had the strongest opening ever this weekend in Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. It still continues to bring in more at the box office in the United States and abroad. It should go a bit further before final numbers can be tabulated.

What did you think of Frozen 2? Do you think it is worthy of being the most successful animated film at the box office of all time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!