Autopia - Disneyland

Disneyland’s Autopia Confirmed to Be Electric Before End of 2026

Recently, the Los Angeles Times shared that Autopia would soon no longer be powered by gas engines. The question mark for many who read this story was if that means hybrid or electric vehicles for the attraction in the future. Now, this question has been answered. In an update article, the Los Angeles Times confirmed that the new vehicles will be fully electric. It was also confirmed that the new cars will be a part of the attraction before the end of 2026.

In an email to the Los Angeles Times, a Disney spokesperson said that electrification “means fully electric — it does not mean hybrid or any other version of a gasoline combustion engine.” It was also shared that Disneyland “will no longer be using the current engines within the next 30 months.”

This means that by the fall of 2026, there will no longer be gas-powered cars with the accompanying fumes in Tomorrowland. This will be safer for both the Cast Members who operate the attraction and the guests who enjoy it. This also will take the attraction one step further into the future.

Bob Gurr - Autopia
Bob Gurr – Autopia (photo courtesy of Bob Gurr)

Autopia opened at Disneyland in 1955 with the park. The original cars were designed by Imagineer Bob Gurr, who also recently stated that he was all for updating the attraction to get rid of the gas engines. “Get rid of those God-awful gasoline fumes,” Gurr said to the Los Angeles Times.

At this point, there isn’t a specific timeline for the electrification of the attraction. It is possible that there will be an announcement at D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event. Daps Magic will continue to follow this story and provide updates on when Autopia will be reimagined in a new electrified way.

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