Fireworks Over Batuu – A Magical Moment at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

There are so many bits of magic to be found when visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There are ships to be seen, characters to interact with, and food and merchandise offerings. Other than occasionally bearing the Mark Twain, while visiting Batuu one could completely forget that they are in Anaheim, CA. That is until about 9:30 at night when the fireworks start erupting over the Black Spires of Black Spire Outpost.

The fireworks that are launched from the North end of the Disneyland Park causes Mickey’s Toontown to close in the evening. It does not do the same for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Because of this, there is a very unique opportunity for guests in the land at night to experience the fireworks.

To watch the fireworks in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, choose a spot that isn’t too close to any mountains that are on the East side of the land. This would be the end of Batuu with the Millennium Falcon and the First Order encampment. The fireworks will be appearing above those spires so backing up helps a bit. A great spot to watch is near the land speeders across from the Droid Depot.

The DAPS MAGIC shot video from another vantage point near Docking Bay 7. Check it out and share what you think of this unique firework viewing experience from this new land.


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