Monday Kicks Off a Magical Rainy Week at the Disneyland Resort

The skies above the Disneyland Resort opened up as a rainy week began. Due to the rain, the parks were quieter than they sometimes are. This offered opportunities for guests to get on attractions quicker, get some unique photo opportunities, and enjoy a unique Disney experience at the Disneyland Resort.

While the attendance was light at the Disneyland Resort, the people in attendance seemed to be having a great time. Smiles were abounding as guests made their way from one magical experience to the next. For guests who like to go on attractions, it was a great day to get a lot in as the lines were all fairly short. Food locations appeared to have room for people to come in out of the cold, get warm, and also get nourished. Characters could be found hanging out under awnings or inside as they also avoided the rain. Squeals of delight could be heard as young guests found characters in Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street or as they came around the corner and discovered Mickey Mouse hiding out by the stables on Main Street, USA.

For some adventurous souls, spinning with Dumbo in Fantasyland was on the agenda. Others were climbing up Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland. In Critter Country, guests took advantage of already being soaked and basically no line to experience Splash Mountain. Others found warmth in the Opera House on Main street, USA or by visiting Arendelle in Disney California Adventure.

According to the weather report, the rain should be sticking around through Thursday. If you are planning on visiting the Disneyland Resort, check out our rainy day guide for rainy days at the Disneyland Resort:

Enjoying Rainy Days at the Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort is always a magical place to visit, especially when it is raining. The experience definitely changes but if you are prepared and ready for an adventure, it can be one of the most fun days you’ll have at Disneyland! It is easier to experience more things without waiting as long. Warm beverages and warm food taste even better on rainy days at Disneyland! What is your favorite way to spend the day at the Disneyland Resort? Share your favorite memories and tips below!