Pictorial: A Rainy Christmas Eve Eve at the Disneyland Resort

Christmas Eve Eve was a very rainy day at the Disneyland Resort. Throughout the day, the skies opened up, and guests donned ponchos, raincoats, and grabbed their umbrellas. Instead of a parade, there was a rainy day cavalcade. As day turned into evening, the streets reflected the water with a magical glow. The fireworks and snow weren’t able to be presented becuase of the weather, but spirits will still very high. It was a rainy night at the Disneyland Resort but it was still a very merry Christmas Eve Eve.

The weather was rainy and windy so taking pictures were a bit of a challenge. However, the DAPS MAGIC team attempted to take photos anyway. Many of the shots were taken with 30 second exposures. Enjoy a look at a very rainy Disneyland Resort on Christmas Eve Eve!

A Rainy Disneyland Afternoon

A Rainy Christmas Eve Eve Evening at Disney California Adventure

A Rainy Christmas Eve Eve Evening at Disneyland