Disney Store Re-Imagined to shopDisney

Today, the Walt Disney Company announced a massive overhaul to The Disney Store, including a new name, shopDisney. While it still will carry the same merchandise we know and love, even more will be available world-wide. shopDisney has a sleek new design to attract more demographics. In addition to the re-design, collaborations with Ethan Allen, Coach, and numerous other brands will be added to the site. Even more theme park items will be made available through shopDisney, making it a one stop shop for Disney merchandise. Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar will have an even larger presence through shopDisney. 

The online store isn’t the only thing going through a refurbishment, the storefronts are as well. Two stores in Southern California, one in China, and one Japan have opened as prototypes for the new look.Two more stores are set to open later this year. They also have a sleek new look that is not only geared toward children, but to make shopping an experience.

If you have been to Disneyland recently, you’ve probably seen the sign upon entering about a live-stream of the parade. Well, it is due to the fact that the live-stream is being broadcast in these new stores! This will immerse guests who are shopping into just a hint of the magic of Disney Parks. For some people, frequent Disney Parks visits aren’t possible, and this re-design is to make the parks more accessible to everyone.

All of this is in part to Disney being a company that masters storytelling, and to expand in ways to do so. While there is no word on re-imagining more storefronts, we can expect to see merchandise selections expanded!

What are you most excited about with Disney’s shopDisney announcement?

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