Champion’s Corn Cup: New Snack on the Block

A new addition to the Cozy Cone Motel’s line up is the Champion’s Corn Cup. This item features sweet corn, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, Tajin, cilantro, and a lime wedge. The retail price is $3.99, and no annual passport discount is available.

Spicy Traditional Snack

This cup is a tasty snack, perfect for when a savory craving strikes.

The corn is crisp, offering a natural sweetness to balance the Tajin spice. Mayonnaise and cotija cheese add creamy, cool elements. Meanwhile, the lime and cilantro offer freshness. Before digging in, I squeezed the lime and pulled the cilantro leaves off the stem in order to best distribute the flavor.

I really enjoyed this! The cup is fairly small, perfect for a snack to hold you over until your next meal in the Disney’s California Adventure.

Which Cone? Popcone!

The Cozy Cone Motel includes 5 separate cones with individual menus. Paired with popcorn, this new corn based offering is available only at the “Popcone,” which is farthest to the right. Build a more substantial meal by picking up a Chili Cone Queso or Chicken Verde cone from the center cone counter!

Cruz Ramirez Would Be Proud

I loved how  this new menu item ties in so well with Cruz Ramirez. The color of the corn brings her signature yellow to mind. Going deeper, the Champion’s Corn Cup is the Cozy Cone’s take on elotes, or Mexican street corn. This fits perfectly with Cruz’s implied heritage.

Be sure to try the Champion’s Corn Cup before it races away September 10th!