Wishes Nighttime Spectacular Fireworks at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Prepares to Say Goodbye to Wishes Nighttime Spectacular! (360 video)

Wishes nighttime spectacular will be leaving the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort on May 11, 2017. On May 12 it will be replaced by a new fireworks spectacular, Happily Ever After. This will end a 13 year run for the popular Wishes fireworks since debuting on October 9, 2013.

The show is hosted by Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy and focuses on the wishes of Disney characters, both the good and the bad. Throughout the 12 minute show fireworks sparkle about Cinderella Castle and Tinker Bell takes flight. On a recent trip to Florida, Murray filmed this fireworks show with his 360 degree camera. You can look in any direction you please by turning the video around with your curser. Watch Wishes here:

When Wishes says goodbye for the final time on May 11, 2017 there will be many Disney fans who are sad to see it go. However, it should be remembered that Walt Disney was always looking forward and always tinkering as he worked to improve the Disney experience. Happily Ever After will be the next presentation of magic over the skies of the Magic Kingdom and someday Disney fans will be sad to say goodbye to it as well.