Farewell to Wishes at Magic Kingdom

wishesAt Walt Disney World, Wishes is getting ready to have its last performance.  This fireworks show premiered in 2003 and is finally bidding adieu to guests at the Magic Kingdom.

Jiminy Cricket narrated the show with over 600 fireworks.  Tinkerbell also took part in the show by flying overhead from the castle.  Throughout the journey of dreams of Disney characters, Peter Pan, Genie, and even a villain or two were among those that dreamed their Disney dreams.

Wishes was a tradition and treat for many guests.  My parents still remember a trip where we sat at Tomorrowland Terrace to watch it.  The castle was always the prime spot to view because of some projections that lit up the castle front.

Another magical location to watch was aboard Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  This was a surprising spot for me, seeing fireworks as I exited the tunnel.

The fireworks show inspired quite a few nighttime spectaculars.  Not long after its debut the Disneyland Resort used the beginning of the show for the beginning segment of Remember… Dreams Come True.  back at the Walt Disney World Resort, Wishes had two spin-off holiday shows: Happy Hallowishes and Holiday Wishes.  They featured different hosts and music.  But, the idea of sharing dreams and wishes were kept.  For now, these will stay at Magic Kingdom.

Wishes had a 14 year run at the Magic Kingdom and stored good memories for families over these years.  Though it ends its tenure, a new brighter show will take its place.  Happily Ever After looks to be another great spectacular.  It could not have come along without Wishes.

To help with the memory of the show, we captured it in video and photo over the years.  Below are some of these.

So, for now, we say good bye and thanks to Wishes for all the good night kisses.

360 Video of Wishes