Happily Ever After Offers Very Happy Fireworks Experience

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On a recent trip to Walt Disney World I was able to experience it's new fireworks spectacular Happily Ever After. After seeing it once, it was quickly decided that it should be seen again. This [...]

Caitie’s Birthday at Walt Disney World! – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 804

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Welcome to another episode of Geeks Corner! This week, it's going up a little bit later than normal due to it not being a normal week. Caitie celebrated her birthday this week at Walt Disney [...]

Happily Ever After Single Now Available On iTunes

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Disney has released their new fireworks show theme, Happily Ever After, on iTunes.  The song has been popular before the premier.  It is actually the featured song in Hong Kong Disneyland's Mickey and the Wondrous [...]

Walt Disney World Prepares to Say Goodbye to Wishes Nighttime Spectacular! (360 video)

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Wishes nighttime spectacular will be leaving the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort on May 11, 2017. On May 12 it will be replaced by a new fireworks spectacular, Happily Ever After. This [...]

Watch The Making of ‘Happily Ever After’ for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

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When Happily Ever After comes to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in May, it will be one of the most elaborate nighttime shows ever created. This nighttime spectacular will be so much more than just a [...]

Hear HAPPILY EVER AFTER From Walt Disney World’s Upcoming Fireworks Show

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Soon guests visiting the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World will be saying goodbye to the Wishes fireworks spectacular. In its place, starting on May 12th Happily Ever After will be lighting up the skies above Cinderella [...]