Peter Pan Takes Flight Again At Disneyland

PanPeter Pan’s Flight is one of the opening day attractions for Disneyland.  That means it’s about 60 years old.  This week it has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment with some touch ups and new effects.

The first thing noticed, for me, was carpet.  Yes, carpet.  On the loading floor is some nice carpet.  I don’t know why, but it was nice to see.  But, you’re not wanting to read about carpet, so what else is new?

The opening scene has some new items.  John, Michael, and Wendy fly with a shadow of Peter on the wall thanks to some shiny pixie dust.  After that is the signature fly over of London.  This has been greatly spruced up, and a rather different look to it.  One of the little details that could be missed is seeing an animated Peter and group on Big Ben.  Stars twinkle all around the room as well.  A new second star projection ushers the vehicles into Neverland.

Pan2Neverland has twinkly stars around too and some fresh paint for all to enjoy.  Tiger Lily is in some animated water now, while everything else along the way looks fresh.  Pixie Dust keeps appearing throughout the ride in a new fashion than before.

In all, it’s wonderful to see the freshness of the attraction.  I love seeing the great paint job on it all and the new effects.  It feels like Tinkerbell is throughout the ride with how much lights sparkle and twinkle.  The sound is great now as everyone is heard.  The music, with the better sound, is heartwarming and brings me back to watching the movie when I first did.  It’s a magical ride that just became more magical!

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