Apple Pay to Begin This Week at the Walt Disney World Resort

Just in time for the big holiday week, the Walt Disney World Resort will begin accepting payments through Apple Pay and Google Wallet starting at the end of this week. According to WDWMagic, guests with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can use their phones for purchases. As for the future, the Apple Watch will also work in this system.


With this system, guests can take out their mobile device and tap to pay. This includes things such as paying for admission tickets, food and merchandise. The article noted that portable payment locations, such as table serving restaurants, will not yet be set up for this form of payment; cash or credit only.

This system will involve a high level of security, so guests can assure that their accounts are safe. In locating areas that accept Apple Pay, look for a EMVCo symbol when purchasing an item. It looks like a sideways WiFi logo.

Below is a video discussing how Apple Pay works.

If you use Apple Pay or Google Wallet, will you be using it at your next Walt Disney World stay?

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