Apple Pay Coming to Walt Disney World and Disney Stores

Apple Watch with Mickey Mouse Face
Apple Watch with Mickey Mouse Face

The Disney geek world has been chattering away after Apple’s announcement that it’s new payment system, Apple Pay, would be utilized at the Walt Disney World Resort and also in Disney Stores. This came with the announcement of two devices that will enable the use of this new Apple Pay system: the iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus) and the Apple Watch.

Apple Pay will allow customers/guests to visit the Disney Store or the Walt Disney World Resort and pay by merely holding up their iPhone 6 (the 5 series will reportedly work as well once getting iOS 8) to a sensor to make a purchase. The goal with Apple Pay is to simplify the process of paying for something. It should shorten the process by not forcing patrons to pull out cash or credit cards. It also appears to be more secure than current systems where credit card numbers can be easily stolen as each transaction will have a unique token that can only be used once. It also will be utilizing the thumbprint technology as verification as opposed to the current signature system that is used by most credit cards. This should work seamlessly with the My Magic+ system being utilized at the Walt Disney World Resort, which has several similarities. At this time, it is unknown if Apple Pay will be coming to the Disneyland Resort. DAPs Magic has reached to the Disneyland Resort for more information on this matter.

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Apple Watch Editions
Apple Watch Editions

Fans of the old Mickey Mouse watches will be happy to know that the new Apple Watch will include a Mickey Mouse face natively. The Apple Watch will be released with three editions (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition). Each edition will have six options for wrist bands and be offered in two sizes so that they can fit different wrist sizes. The Apple Watch will also be able to utilize Apple Pay. It will require the user to also have an iPhone 5 or newer to operate. The Apple Watch will debut in 2015 and the base model will be selling for $349.

iPhone 6 Prices
iPhone 6 Prices

Finally, the iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus) will continue to move forward in its quest to replace the video camera and digital camera. The new iPhone will be great for vacations with a better camera (8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels, improved face detection, and exposure control), better video functions (1080p HD at 60 fps, 240-fps slo-mo, and time-lapse video), and a better screen (Retina HD) to view photos and videos with. Couple this with the 16, 64, or 128 Gigabyte capacity and there is the potential for a lot of vacation photos and video.  With the new processing power that is also included with these phones, Disney is said to be developing games for the new iPhone.

After the announcement on September 9, Geeks Corner Reports took a look at the Apple Keynote event and discussed their initial observations and thoughts in this livestream:

What do you think of all of the new technology coming from Apple? Do you like the partnership that is continuing to develop with the Walt Disney Company? Would like to see Apple Pay come to Disneyland?




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