Disney Develops Face Swapping Technology That Could Change How Movies Are Made

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Face swapping technology has been seen in recent years in Disney films with varying levels of success. However, a project coming out of the Disney Research Studios is poised to completely change that. While the [...]

Setting the Scene: How Technology Created a Richer Playset in ‘Toy Story 4’

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The Pixar team traveled to infinity and beyond to build sets as dynamic as the characters who inhabit them in the all-new animated adventure Toy Story 4, in theaters today. For starters, the aspect ratio used [...]

Apple Pay Coming to Walt Disney World and Disney Stores

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Apple Watch with Mickey Mouse Face The Disney geek world has been chattering away after Apple's announcement that it's new payment system, Apple Pay, would be utilized at the Walt Disney World Resort [...]

Disney Research Invents Magic Fingertip Microphone

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Ishin-Denshin - the Fingertip Microphone demonstration from Disney Research. Several years ago, guests visiting the Disneyland Resort could experience a "haircut" via soundwaves when visiting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in the Opera [...]

Iron Man Tech Coming to Disneyland’s Innoventions

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DAPs Magic Disney News - by Mr. DAPs  Set pieces from Iron Man 3 are coming to Disneyland, specifically in Tomorrowland's Innoventions. Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries will be open to Disneyland guests starting [...]