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Disney Patents 3-D Virtual World Simulator Technology

Disney continues to dig into augmented reality experiences for its guests. Recently, Disney received a patent on what is called a “Virtual World Simulator.” This technology aims to project moving 3-D images on real-world objects that would be able to interact with guests. This would, in theory, up the interaction and engagement with guests visiting Disney theme parks.

Disney already is utilizing 3-D technology in its parks. 3-D projects are utilized with water screens in some of their water shows like World of Color and Fantasmic! More traditional 3-D has been utilized as well in shows like Mickey’s PhilharMagic Orchestra and Muppet Vision 3D.

While most of the 3-D technology currently in use by Disney is for large-scale experiences with lots of guests, this new technology would be focused on creating individual guest experiences. The technology would track individual guests in the parks and then project images specifically for the individual experience. One possibility would be having Mickey Mouse waving to a specific guest as they walk by a building.

At this time, Disney doesn’t have any specific plans to use the technology in the parks. As has happened with other incredible technological projects, the specific patent isn’t the destination but just a step in the journey towards a new product or experience.

What do you think of this new patent? How would you like to see it used in the parks? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!