The Return of Cruella de Vil to the Big Screen

Cruella de Vil will be making her big return to the silver screen in 2015. This comes after the anticipated success of Maleficent which is starring Angelina Joli. Aline Brosh McKenna has been hired to pen the script for the newest live-action villain movie. She also wrote the screenplay for Maleficent.

Andrew Gunn will produce the new movie with McKenna as well. Gunn previously produced the 2009 version of Race to Witch Mountain, Sky High, Freaky Friday (2003), Bedtime Stories, and The Country Bears to name a few.

Cruella De Vil appeared first in the novel by Dodie Smith in 1956. She was made famous by Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmations in 1961. The animated feature created one of the most iconic songs associated with a villain in the Disney library. This iconic character remained animated until Glenn Close interpreted her for the live-action 101 Dalmations in 1996 and then returned to the character in 2000 for 102 Dalmations. Close has not let go of the character entirely. She will act as an executive producer for this new movie.

The new Cruella De Vil flick continues a trend by the Walt Disney Studios to be bringing classic animated characters to the live action world in both the movie and television realms. It is unknown at this time who will be cast for the title role. It also is unknown what exactly the story that will be told will be… other than about Cruella De Vil.

Disney has now brought many of its classic characters from the animated screen to the live screen. Who would you like to see be re-imagined next? Would you want to see them get a full feature film, a television show to themselves, or a cameo on Once Upon a Time? Do you think it is a good idea to continue retelling these stories or should Disney try to come up with something more original? Will you go see Cruella De Vil?


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