PB and J Rolls from Lamp Light Lounge – GEEK EATS Disney Recipes

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The Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure is a wonderful place to stop for a snack and a beverage or a full meal with those who are dear for you. Throughout the Lamplight Lounge, there [...]

Here’s Why Pixar Pier is One of the Biggest Disney Stories of 2018 – Top 5 Disney Stories of 2018

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Pixar Pier is the newest addition to Disney California Adventure having opened in 2018.  However, it's not exactly an addition to the park, but an elaborate makeover of Paradise Pier.  This newly themed land has [...]

Reflections on the Pier – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 839

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Welcome to an episode of GEEKS CORNER entirely dedicated to the opening of Disney California Adventure's Pixar Pier. This newest addition to the Disneyland Resort opened on June 23. DAPS MAGIC and the GEEKS CORNER [...]

Did You Know: Seven Facts About Pixar Represented at Pixar Pier’s Lamplight Lounge

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Pixar artwork chandelier in Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier Pixar Pier is now open and so is the Lamplight Lounge. This dining location is sure to be popular with its Pixar themed decor, [...]

Lamplight Lounge: A Treasure Trove of Pixar Animation Gems

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Lobby Entering Lamplight Lounge there are subtle homages to popular Pixar films. Around each frame of artwork are drawings that symbolize iconic elements of the great movies. This is just the check-in lobby for the [...]

Pixar Pier Offers New Food And DAPS MAGIC Reviews It (Yes, ALL of It)!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glRfN-JDTcg With the opening of Pixar Pier this summer at Disney California Adventure, there also came several new food locations. These food offerings are themed around various Pixar stories and cover quite a range of [...]

Lamplight Lounge Menu Released Ahead of Pixar Pier Opening at Disney California Adventure

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With the June 23rd opening of the Disneyland Resort’s latest dining location, the Lamplight Lounge, just around the corner, we were treated to an appetizing look at their new menu! The casual dining location takes [...]