Entering Lamplight Lounge there are subtle homages to popular Pixar films. Around each frame of artwork are drawings that symbolize iconic elements of the great movies. This is just the check-in lobby for the gastropub. To get seated you wind down a spiral staircase with an amazing chandelier above. The light fixture is full of concept drawings of Pixar characters and scenes we’ve all grown to love. This brings guests into the world of Pixar Animation. Not the movies themselves, but the animator’s mind.


One end of the Lounge is a relaxing outdoor deck that extends over the water of the Pixar Pier lagoon. There are cushy seats and a few lounge fixtures that create the great atmosphere for a California dining experience.

On the inside area of the restaurant is brickwork to convey a converted building. Along the walls are various pieces of art, both inspired and procedural, for Pixar films. There is a boot with a plant symbolizing an iconic item in Wall•E. Posters for various movies are actually from advertising around the world. Concept art shows off the making of Pixar favorites.

Then there’s an alcove that I would call the toy corner. The table is made of Cars diecast toys underneath a glass top. Towards the ceiling are shelves with stuffed animals and toys of beloved characters. All of this is behind a Pixar ball wall that is easily going to be a photo op for many diners.

Secret Room

Towards the kitchen is a “secret room” that is sometimes called the “office.” It’s a dedicated dining room for quite a few guests with caricatures of artists of Pixar. To get through the door is even an ordeal with a switch and lamp lights to make it an experience getting in.

Lamplight Lounge is a treasure trove of Pixar art, homages, and secrets that will delight fans! For thoughts on the food, check out the post here.

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