Geek Eats Disney Recipes: Lobster Nachos at Disney California Adventure’s Lamplight Lounge

Geek Eats Disney Recipes: Lobster Nachos at Disney California Adventure's Lamplight Lounge
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A common question that is asked when people visit the Disneyland Resort is what is that food that just can’t be missed. Sure there are the corndogs at the end of Main Street or at the Corndog Castle. There are also Dole Whips at Walt Disney Enchanted Tiki Room. Another food that absolutely needs to be in the category is the Lobster Nachos that can be found at Disney California Adventure. These nachos are fantastic to share with a friend on a sunny afternoon at Disney California Adventure while enjoying a cool beverage. They used to be served at the Cove Bar but when the Lamplight Lounge opens in the same location, they will be available there. These are a fan favorite and should be experienced at LEAST once.

One small problem with getting this wonderful dish though is that there can sometimes be a wait to just get seated! Now for those who like to go on a culinary kitchen adventure, there is an alternative to the wait. The Disneyland Resort has shared with DAPS MAGIC the recipe for their Lobster Nachos. Check it out below and let us know how they turned out for you! Once you have re-created this dish, make sure you let us know how they turned out and how you created Disney experience to eat them in your own home! After all, half of the fun is the experience, right?

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