Rex Shanghai Disneyland

Rex to Meet With Guests at Shanghai Disneyland

Rex, the lovable dinosaur from the Toy Story franchise will soon be meeting guests at Shanghai Disneyland. It was announced today that starting on June 16th, he will be available for meet and greets for a limited time. The announcement was made by Shanghai Disney Resort’s official Instagram account.

Rex first appeared in 1995’s Toy Story from Pixar. He is a green plastic Tyrannosaurus rex toy with a surprising personality. He looks like he should be terrifying but in reality, he is quite insecure and anxious. On the flip side, he also is ridiculously friendly. He has appeared in all four Toy Story films. In each of them, he was voiced by Wallace Shawn.

The addition of Rex to the roster of characters to meet at Shanghai Disneyland this summer comes as the resort continues to provide unique offerings for guests who are visiting. Shanghai Disneyland has an entire area themed to Toy Story. Toy Story Land was the first expansion of the park and opened in 2018. Presumably this is where Rex will be found when he arrives.

What do you think of Rex coming to Shanghai Disneyland? Would you want to meet him? Would you like to see him meet with guests at other parks as well? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!