Shanghai Disneyland to Open New Toy Story Land on April 26th!

Shanghai Disneyland has been open for a little over a year and it is already receiving its first expansion. This won’t just be a little expansion but an entire new land, dedicated to the world of Toy Story. In this land, guests will be shrunk down to the size of toys and even become “honorary toys.” With this honorary title will come quite a few new experiences to enjoy! Let’s take a look at what will be coming in April!

Slinky Dog Spin - Toy Story Land - Shanghai Disney

Slinky Dog Spin

Slinky loves to chase his tail. This is obviously entertaining to all the other toys as he circles around the dog dish chasing after his tail. Now, guests will get to join in the fun with Slinky aboard the Slinky Dog Spin!

Rex's Racers - Toy Story Land - Shanghai Disneyland

Rex’s Racer

Rex and Trixie are teaming up for Rex’s Racer. Aboard this U-shaped track, guests will ride back and forth… with Rex at the controls. We’ll see how he has improved since we lost saw him at the controls in the movies!

Woody's Roundup - Toy Story Land - Shanghai Disneyland

Woody’s Round-Up

Woody’s Round-Up will have guests joining Woody with a herd of ponies for a swinging square dance. This will be inside a ranch that is set up by Andy. It will also be next to Old West, the town set up by Andy where guests will be able to meet Toy Story characters like Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye.

Food will also be found inside some of Andy’s packing boxes. Inside of them you can join Buzz Lightyear, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, and Lotso the Hugging Bear to dine at the Toy Box Café. Then stop by to pick up new merchandise items at Al’s Toy Barn.

What do you think of this new land that is being added to Shanghai Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!




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