Paseo & Céntrico

Downtown Disney District’s Paseo and Céntrico Now Accepting Reservations

Paseo and Céntrico are two new restaurants that recently opened in Downtown Disney District. Judging by the lines that have been seen in front of their entrances, they are already quite popular. They now also are accepting reservations! Reservations for both of these restaurants can be made at or on the Disneyland App.

Paseo, Céntrico and Tiendita Now Open in Downtown Disney District

Both Paseo and Céntrico opened in Downtown Disney District in May, along with Tiendita. They have menus that were created by Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytán. They are “My mother instilled in me a passion for cooking, which inspired me to move to America to hone my craft. Throughout my career, I have been merging the traditional French cooking techniques I’ve learned with the traditions and recipes of childhood favorites inspired by my family,” Gaytán said at the opening ceremony. “Getting the chance to combine my love for my home country, my family, and cooking and display that to the guests of Paseo, Céntrico and Tiendita is truly an honor. I’m extremely proud to debut these restaurants, which were heavily influenced by my heritage and family, and hope those visiting the Downtown Disney District will create their own memories here, anchored by good food and good company.”

There are three different approaches to Mexican cuisine with these restaurants. At Paseo, guests enter into a contemporary and show-stopping dining room and bar area. These are decorated with rich woods, custom leathers, lavish greenery and custom native accents that celebrate the culture of Mexico. Gaytán’s vision and connection to his heritage are brought to life for guests visiting Paseo. It offers an elevated dining experience and puts spotlights on lesser-known Mexican delicacies. These are all presented in an elegant fashion.

The menu reimagines and modernizes childhood favorites of Chef Gaytán. This includes vibrant flavors of chiles, aromatic spices and homemade tortillas he grew up enjoying. Some of the highlighted offerings include rich and vibrant cochinita pibil – a pork recipe derived directly from his mother’s recipe – and pulpo enamorado, which features roasted octopus and is finished with a creamy tuna aioli. The mejillones is another key dish on the menu – combining French techniques and infusing Mexican flair into the classic mussels dish with the addition of saffron, chorizo and pickled jalapeños. This is a dish that shows off Gaytán’s unique culinary training. Paseo hopes to create lasting memory through Chef Gaytán’s food as it transports diners to his hometown as he has reimagined it for this setting.

Céntrico is right in the middle of Downtown Disney District and offers open, airy spaces that are designed with custom wooden elements and lush greenery. The goal is to capture the spirit of a Mexican hacienda. There are also some cosy fire pits around the restaurant as well. This has a menu that includes Mexican staples like chicken enchiladas and modern twists like a vibrant Caesar salad layered with a hint of Mexican flair. It also has an expansive bar. It has a robust cocktail menu that has unique drinks including the Ritual Margarita with Espolon tequila, ginger liqueur, guava, and lime juice and the El Mariachi in Manhattan, which is a Mexican twist on the traditional Manhattan cocktail. This is a relaxing place to enjoy being with friends or family members and enjoy the present moment.

What do you think of Paseo & Céntrico now accepting reservations? Will you be making reservations for either or both of these restaurants? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!