Nos Histoires Prennent Vie/Stories Come to Life

Disneyland Paris Releases New Original Song for World Music Day

June 21 is World Music Day. To help celebrate this holiday, Disneyland Paris has released a new original song. Called Stories Come to Life / Nos Histoires Prennent Vie, this song invites guests to create and share their own magical memories on social media. Disneyland Paris shared more about the song saying, “from the moment guests arrive on Main Street, U.S.A. until the end of the day with Disney Illuminations, Nos Histoires Prennent Vie/Stories Come to Life celebrates Disney Magic and the unforgettable moments guest experience every day in Disney Parks.  With inspiring lyrics and a swinging melody, it promises to become a must-have for everyone who shares a story about Disneyland Paris.”

Along with releasing the song for the world to hear, Disneyland Paris also hopes that guests will use it with social media posts as they share their magical moments at Disneyland Paris. Below is a look at the lyrics for this new song:

What do you think of Nos Histoires Prennent Vie/Stories Come to Life? Do you like this new original song? Will you be using it on social media? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!