The Refurbished Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel’s Modern Farmhouse Style

Knott’s Berry Farm has almost fully opened their refurbished and rennovated Knott’s Berry Farm hotel. Inside is a modern farmhouse style that was quite impressive to see when we got a tour last week.

The Lobby

When first entering, guests are greeted with an open central floor with some stylish furniture and a boysenberry themed large rug. The feeling that Knott’s is going for is a living room that befits the original Knott family. To the side of the living room waiting area are some columns with glass cabinets. On the shelves are artifacts from the original farm.

On the opposite side of the check-in desk is the new Thirty Acres Kitchen restaurant. It keeps the style of having a farmhouse chic with its elegant wooden sign and stonework past the bar. It has a calm, homey feel to it, and some great food (but we’ll save that for another post).

Besides the restaurant there is a counter Starbucks and a gift shop. The shop has some great amenities that are also featured in the rooms.

We were quite impressed with the initial views of the hotel in the lobby. It’s tall ceiling has a mesmerizing chandelier. It felt welcoming, yet sophisticated, which was a great combination for a country style resort.

The Grounds

The hotel has some great amenities for those staying there. A large pool and water playground is great for families looking for a break from the park. It also had a nice open area to let kids play around too. Connected to the outside pool is an inside fitness room with plenty of equipment.

Attached to the lobby is an open courtyard that has beautiful strewn lights and California style tile. It’s perfect for weddings and other celebrations, which is exactly what they are going for with the look and layout. Our guide even mentioned the possibility of an occassional weekend band and cocktail hour for guests…

The Rooms

We were quite glad to get a look at the rooms on our small tour. It’s one thing to see the grounds, which are open to see, but it’s not easy to peek into the private quarters without a reservation. Our tour took us into both a regular and what’s known as an oversized room. The regular room was impressive on its own! It had a quaint and nice setup with a king or two beds and a decent sized bathroom. The bathroom did feature some soap amenities that you can also purchase in the gift shop if you do like them after staying there. The country chic was brought in those rooms as well, with wood panel looking walls, and various accents in the various furniture. It was bright and still very serene.

The oversized room was the most impressive to me. It had two beds, and a couch with a coffee table. With those features, there was stil quite a bit of room! A small nook that had a sink on its own and some shelves to keep some items like snacks was beside a good sized bathroom. Overall, this is an amazing room for families to stay in. It can accommodate quite a few people thanks to the sofa converting to a bed. Two regular rooms also connect on either side to the oversized room, which makes for a three bedroom stay for large families! That impressed me as well since the hotel rooms are very reasonably priced.

Is it worth staying?

Even though we didn’t actually stay at the hotel and only walked around on a tour, I was very impressed. It has decor that doesn’t scream theme park…not even close. Yet, it is uniquely Knott’s. The rooms were amazing and blew me away at how elegant yet quaint they were. I came from the tour trying to think of when I want to stay there! With so many festivals that need more than one day, it is a wonderful option to book and use as a getaway. Scary Farm is another time to consider staying, since you just need to walk around the corner after a late night haunt to crawl into bed. Plus, there is an exclusive hotel buffet package for that Halloween event as well. The hotel is worth a stay, and that is just from glances alone!

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