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One unique place to visit and eat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Kiani Village is Sanaa. This dining location shows off African cooking with Indiana flavors and includes slow-cooked meats, salads, and also plant-based dishes. There also are some wonderful views of some of the animals roaming the Sunset Savanna.

There are many wonderful dishes on the menu but a favorite of many is the bread service. This comes with five different types of bread that include traditional naan, garlic-ginger naan, spiced naan, onion kulcha, or paneer paratha. All of these are made in the restaurant’s tandoor ovens. They are accompanied by cucumber raita, roasted red pepper hummus, mango chutney, tomato-date jam, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, garlic pickle, red chile sambal, and spicy jalapeño-lime pickle.

For those who can’t quickly make their way over to Sanaa, or want to recreate the experience there, Disney chefs have shared a recipe for Naan Bread and also an accompanying Cucumber Raita. Check out the recipe below and then give it a try. Af

How did it turn out? Share your experience, thoughts, and opinions in the comments below! Also share any tips you might have!

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