Quite a Few Goodbyes – DISNEY Reporter

Welcome to another edition of DISNEY Reporter! Each week share the top five stories of the week from Disney and geek news! This week, there was quite a lot of news to choose from so we simply did our best!

There are quite a few goodbyes happening. First off, Imagineer Joe Rohde is saying goodbye as he retires after a career spanning four decades. We wish him all the best. In sadder goodbye news, 4,000 more cast members will be let go by mid-2021 it was announced this week.  Also, graduating seniors in Southern California will not get their traditional goodbye to High School with the Grad Nights this year as they are being canceled preemptively.

In happier news, Carthay Circle Lounge is now accepting reservations for those wishing to dine there. Also, Shanghai Disneyland has begun its winter celebrations and they look completely magical!

Those are the top Disney and geek headlines of the week! What do you think the top story of the week was? Share your thoughts in the comments below! We’ll see you in the parks!

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