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Disneyland Resort Cancels Hand-Pulled Candy Cane Tradition Due to COVID-19

If you’ve ever been around Disneyland near the holidays, it’s likely that you’ve heard about the special candy cane tradition! These treats are over a foot long and have become a marker of the holiday season for many Disney fans. Unfortunately, this event has officially been canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditionally, Disney will put out dates in advance so fans can make their plans! On the days of sales, you can see fans camping out early in the morning to ensure they get their holiday treat. On the days of the candy cane sales, Disney will usually sell about 150, limited to one per guest. These festive candies have a truly high demand!

According to the OC Register article on the topic of cancellation, Disney had a few reasons to call it off. Of course, if they resumed this tradition, fans would come from all over to try and get their own!  Disney was concerned about its ability to socially distance these guests and keep them safe. There were also general health and safety concerns about continuing the event this year. While it is disappointing to see it pause for this year, we hope that it will safely be back for the holiday season next year!

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