Disney Television Studios Rebranded

Disney television studios are getting rebranded. The changes come as Disney continues to integrate 20th Century Fox after acquiring it.

First off, Disney is dropping Fox from 20th Century Fox Television. It will now simply be known as 20th Television. This is part of the deal that was made with the acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Dropping the Fox branding will help avoid confusion for consumers. The movie studios have also dropped Fox from their titles.

Second, ABC Studios and ABC Signature will collectively become ABC Signature.

And third, Fox 21 Television Studios is now Touchstone Television. This was the Disney-owned brand that was retired in 2007. It is being brought back to connect the old with the new. The new logo also is similar to the Fox 21 Television Studios to help with brand cohesion.

The new studio names are effective immediately. New logos and end cards will begin to appear on TV shows this fall. This will include shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers. Existing episodes will continue to utilize the original logos on streaming and digital libraries.

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