GEEKS CORNER - How'd We Get to 500

How’d We Get to 500? – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 1029 (#500)

Welcome to the 500th episode of GEEKS CORNER! This episode was originally hoped to be a grand celebration of 500 episodes with the geeks and friends together. However, since everyone is still sheltering in place it is done virtually. Despite this setback, the geeks still have a great time geeking out and celebrating some fun facts from 500 episodes of this show. The show wraps up with a musical surprise.

During the course of this episode of GEEKS CORNER, the geeks talk about the cancellation of Disneyland’s Grad Nights and also San Diego Comic-Con. They then pivot to some of the magical offerings Disney is offering for fans to experience at home and share some ideas for what they’d like to see. The topical part of the show wraps up with a Star Wars on Disney+ discussion. This comes after the news that a documentary about The Mandalorian will be arriving on Disney+ in May.

Following some fun facts about GEEKS CORNER and the discussions, the geeks share a fun musical surprise. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of GEEKS CORNER, the 500th episode! Let’s go to the corner!


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