#DAPSnDRAGONS Episode I: The Hub Recap!

#DAPSnDRAGONS Episode I_ The Hub Recap!

Last week we started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign or as we like to call it, DAPS n Dragons! We find ourselves in the land of The Kingdom in Hub, a small town along the central roads. We meet the Goliath Cleric Alden, played by Blue, coming into Hub who notices a memorial of the Sarrian War depicting an Elf and Human shaking hands. Not knowing much about the war, Alden sits outside The Mouse and Kings Inn and is joined by Mikey’s Halfling Rogue, Garrett. Neither is sure why they are there, Alden being called in a dream and Garrett recovering after a previous encounter. Theobeak, an Aarakocra Monk played by Luke, follows his natural instincts into Hub. He avoids some children playing next to the memorial, afraid of his feathers being pulled out and is greeted by Colonel Sherman T. Potter, an Elf Ranger played by Mr. Daps, who is just wandering through. Caitie’s character Dobbs is a Dwarf Paladin soldier who is stationed in Hub. Dobbs tries to entertain the children with her tales of battle but fails to impress them.

Many of the individuals notice a commotion just outside the town as three figures run alongside a cart with a crate and a cloud of dust trailing behind. The shortest of the figures, Steven’s Gnome Sorcerer Zanna, fires off a Frostbite spell into the ground. Alden and Garrett flag them down into the Mouse and Kings Inn as Theobeak flies out of their way. Colonel follows quickly inside and Dobbs trails in, keeping an eye out. The eldest of the three new visitors, Saile, calls Dobbs into service to protect the crate and binds everyone but her with a spell that brands a symbol on their wrists. The noise gets louder as Theobeak sees three large creatures charging straight towards the inn. Saile transforms into a winged horse and attacks one of the creatures. Tinker, the third figure, casts some magic to create a suit out of the wood from the inn and attacks the second creature leaving the last one to our ragtag group.

Zanna shoots a Firebolt and hits the giant mass of wood and clay while Garrett attempts to hide inside a building waiting for an opportunity to strike. Colonel takes a shot with his longbow and the arrow just misses. The creature rushes forward, hurling a chair at Zanna and misses, splintering as it hits the ground. Theobeak has some trouble as he hits a hard spot with his quarterstaff and although he hits with his fist, deals no damage; the creature being immune to bludgeoning damage. Dobbs confidently walks forward and slashes the monster with her axe as Alden misses with a crossbow bolt. After a few more hits and misses, the creature falls thanks to the precision of our Elf Ranger, covering Theobeak in debris.

Theobeak, Alden, and Zanna rush to the aid of Saile, now in the form of a giant snake, and Tinker in his damaged suit. Theobeak is able to distract one of the creatures who drops Saile and gives Tinker an opportunity to defeat it just after defeating his own. Saile apologizes to Zanna for not removing the spell previously cast on the party and disappears into particles of light. After Theobeak gathers some nails, the group gathers in the mostly destroyed Mouse and Kings Inn. Tinker informs everyone that the High King has passed away and that in the crate is his daughter Lucia, who is in a magical sleep until she is named High King. The group learns that the magic symbol previously branded on their wrists binds them to the task to make the young girl the High King.

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