Journey into Imagineering

Journey Into Imagineering with a Look at the Research and Development Department

It’s time to take another journey into Imagineering! This week, we get a look into the Research and Development wing at Walt Dinsey Imagineering and we get a chance to see where the next great ideas come from!

As Mike Honeck leads us through this leg of the tour, we get a chance to see where magic gets made for Disney parks. Many people would think that a department like this is only for scientists to try out new technology, but as we’re shown, this department is full of creative people who lend themselves to every part of the creations. Whether they are artists, storytellers, or puppeteers, they all help make something amazing!

One of my favorite parts of the video is when we get to see Jake the Droid rolling around! Jake made his first appearance at Star Wars: Launch Bay in 2016, with his second appearance at the 2017 D23 Expo at the Parks and Resorts pavilion. A few months later, he had a test in Tomorrowland where he interacted with the world around him over the course of a few days. It is fun to see him still rolling around his home at WDI!

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