Disneyland Resort Unveils Refurbished Walt and Mickey Statues on Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

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On Mickey Mouse's 92nd birthday the Disneyland Resort revealed that both statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse had been refurbished. The unveiling came after painstaking work was taken to bring both statues back to [...]

Why It’s Good to Celebrate Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday This Year

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse are celebrating their 92nd birthday today.  With that age it seems like they've been around for ages and ages and ages.  Milestones could be fewer coming (though 92 is nothing to [...]

Walt’s Chili and Beans from Carnation Café at Disneyland Park – GEEK EATS

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This weekend we are continuing to celebrate Disneyland's 65th birthday and also the man who's dreams made Disneyland a reality. One way to celebrate this special weekend, man, and dream is to recreate one of [...]

Walt Disney World Resort Shares New Look at Tri-Circle-D Ranch Ahead of Reopening

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Ahead of the reopening of Walt Disney World Resort Disney is sharing a look at the new barn at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Throughout the closure of the Walt [...]

Tom Morris Shares About Making Iconic Magic at the Disney Parks During Walt Disney Family Museum Happily Ever After Hours Presentation

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The Walt Disney Family Museum recently featured Tom Morris on a Happily Ever After Hours presentation. Tom Morris has had a career with Imagineering/WED Enterprises for about 30 years, and has worked on several parks [...]

The Evolution of “it’s a small world”: From the World’s Fair to Disneyland

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Prep for the 1964 World’s Fair In 1963, WED Enterprises was knee deep in projects; not only for Disneyland, but pavilions for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair in New York. They were working on Great Moments [...]

Journey Into Imagineering with a Look at the Research and Development Department

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It's time to take another journey into Imagineering! This week, we get a look into the Research and Development wing at Walt Dinsey Imagineering and we get a chance to see where the next great [...]

Honoring and Celebrating Walt, Trains, and Mickey & Minnie Through the Years

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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have been international and cultural icons spanning generations. It all began on November 18, 1928 with their first appearance aboard a black-and-white steamboat in “Steamboat Willie,” and continues today with [...]

45 Years Later, a Day to Remember at the Magic Kingdom

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45 years ago today was a big day for guests visiting the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. It was the opening day for two iconic attractions. Space Mountain and the Carousel of [...]