Churro Bites - GEEK EATS Disney Recipe

Disney Parks Churro Bites – GEEK EATS Disney Recipe

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With people stuck at home currently and not going to Disney Parks, people aren’t able to experience many of the little bits of magic that are often associated with going to the parks. One park favorite for many people are churros. For many a churro is an essential part of any trip to their favorite Disney Parks.

To help bring some magic home, Disney has shared a recipe for churro bites. With this recipe, Disney fans can make their churro bites and create their own Disney magic in their kitchens.

Once you have made your churro bites, watch one of DAPS MAGIC’s videos of your favorite Disney show! Here are a couple of shows for you to enjoy!

Magic Happens Parade at Night

Happily Ever After Fireworks Spectacular

Fantasmic! at Disneyland

Main Street Electrical Parade

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