Knott’s Merry Farm Birdcage Theater Shares the Meaning of Christmas

During the Christmas season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in presents, songs, and even family.  It can be a hectic time and sometimes it’s not enjoyed as it should be.  Knott’s Berry Farm knows this and for the Christmas season their Knott’s Merry Farm original production, “Marley’s Wings” tackles the hard issues of the holidays in a fun musical form.  Now, don’t get me wrong when I say “a fun musical.”  This musical still had some deep moments of drama in its short time to convey it.

The production is a Knott’s made sequel to “A Christmas Carol.”  It starts a year after Scrooge has had a change in character, but something is still amiss.  I won’t spoil exactly what is to happen to the old, former miser, but will say that Jacob Marley pays him a visit again.  This time it is much more friendly since Scrooge is changed towards this as well.  Scrooge is still visited by others, but it’s to encourage and not warn.

What caught me by surprise is the message of the true meaning and story of Christmas.  I know some see this as too religious or that Christmas wasn’t based on this originally.  To that, I say “bah humbug.”  Marley’s Wings does a great job of using the Christian story to convey what it really means to give at this time of year.  Though that sounds like a spoiler I won’t say how it is used to help Ebenezer along the way.  It is a helpful key to unlocking the rest of the story for Scrooge, however.

I will admit to being one of those that thinks that Christmas doesn’t make sense in a world that needs the common lessons of love, giving, and family unity throughout the year.  It feels so fleeting and stressful during this month.  Marley’s Wings helped me see there is another side to the moment of Christmas.  It was a refreshing story for the holiday time that doesn’t pop up often.  And a couple of the songs were quite catchy too.

I greatly enjoyed what the team at Knott’s was aiming for and how they did it.  I’m glad they had the guts to bring in meaning of Christmas to a theme park.  It is something worth going to Knott’s to see.  Be sure to catch the times because it does alternate with “A Christmas Carol.”  Besides these productions, there are many other reasons to head to the park during the Christmas season, as I got to experience previously here: What to See to Have the Merriest Time at Knott’s Merry Farm This Year

Be sure to catch all of it before the season ends!