What to See to Have the Merriest Time at Knott’s Merry Farm This Year

The Christmas season is in full swing now that Knott’s Berry Farm has brought their Merry Farm to the 2019 season.  I always look forward to this time of year at Knott’s, but it was even better this year by all they did.

Merchandise and Crafts Village

An aspect of the holiday season for Knott’s that is unique among theme parks is its shopping experience.  All around Ghost Town is a Crafts Village where several creators outside of the park have set up shop.  At it are several items you wouldn’t typically find at a general store in a mall.  These are unique artists and craftsmen expressing their talents in ways that you can also purchase and give as gifts.  Things like bags and prints, food and soap are all available among these stalls.

Then, of course, are the actual Knott’s Berry Farm merchandise available for the Christmas season.  They went all out with this and had some very festive wares to grab.  Among them are some great shirts and sweatshirts with the logo, but very fitting for the winter season with red checker flannel and green with candy cane lettering.  Snoopy is in the spirit with some stuffed animals and his face on various clothing in reds and greens.  Lamps are for purchase that sync with the snow and glow within Ghost Town.


Knott’s Berry Farm outdoes themselves year after year with all the decoration they have around the park.  There are appropriately themed elements around each of the areas, yet they are so picturesque to stop and stare at.  Ghost Town has a very nostalgic feel with lots of poinsettias and rustic town decoration.  Camp Snoopy makes use of light projections to illuminate the path while wreaths adorn each pole.  Fiesta Village has lights that cascade over the dance floor among games that have some holiday prizes at them.  Boardwalk has even gotten into the spirit with more modern takes on decorations that also dazzle the area with bright lights.  The Wilderness Dance Hall features an array of holiday visuals, especially around the Santa photo location.  It has animated reindeer and tin soldiers that will have anyone in the home holiday spirit.


Knott’s has wonderful entertainment that I didn’t even get to see all of when I was there.  But what I saw makes me want to return to both see it and other shows.  The Christmas Tree Lighting is a short, but sweet start of the evening shows.  It makes use of the Calico Square tree and features characters from the Ghost Town Alive cast.  Carolers from Ghost Town (which also entertain during the day) come out to help everyone sing along to some yuletide carols.  The mayor of Calico comes out and introduces a family that will help light the tree.  They are given a special ornament that lights the tree and starts off the nighttime Christmas festivities.  It’s a heartwarming show that is definitely worth watching.

The Bird Cage Theater hosts some great daytime melodrama of the Christmas Carol, but at night has a very different entertainment experience.  Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies have started their Holiday Spectacular!  This great show is something they have done over several years but is guaranteed to have you join in some merry fun.  I heard a few people, who had experienced it for the first time, remark how hilarious it was on their way out.  It’s a hidden gem among the flashier outside shows, but you won’t want to miss what these guys cook up!

Debuting this year is Home for the Holidays – the twice a night stage show on the Calico Stage.  As I started watching it I’ll admit it seemed like a song and dance through a few carols.  Then, the stage transformed from the outside to a dollhouse opening into a hometown Christmas Eve!  It was a spectacular set design that made my eyes go wide.  The show ramped up from there to some amazing dance numbers with wonderful visuals and great singing.  It really was like being home for the holidays.


I am actually going to save describing the food for another post.  There is so much this year it will not fit here…or sadly not all in my stomach either though I wish it would.  I’ll just say all that I tasted is something I want again!

Knott’s Merry Farm is a very festive way to spend the Christmas holiday time.  It is something that is not easily done in one day.  I tend to say this about their festivals throughout the year, but I especially think a Season Pass is the way to go for the holidays.  It’s worth getting just to keep enjoying the atmosphere.  The shows are easily watchable again and again.  And, as I said, the food is something that can’t be all done in one sitting.  Believe me, I tried!

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