Thanks for Change - GEEKS CORNER - Episode 1005 (#476)

Thanks for Change – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 1005 (#476)

Welcome to another episode of GEEKS CORNER! This week the geeks start with a recap of their Halloween adventures. Then they pivot and talk about their expectations for Frozen 2, which now has tickets for sale! Over at Disneyland, more details have come out about the entertainment being offered during Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. Also at the Disneyland Resort, FuelRod swapping continues to be free! At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the menu has had a few name changes. The geeks talk about the names and also the food that keeps getting the name changes. Finally, the geeks end the show by chatting about what they will watch first on Disney+ next Tuesday when it starts streaming. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of GEEKS CORNER! Join the conversation in the comments below! Let’s go to the corner!

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