Magic Journey My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering CareerIn Magic Journey My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering Career, Kevin Rafferty shares the stories from his four decades at The Walt Disney Company. Rafferty shares how he got started, some of the challenges he has faced, and also the magic he has been able to make and experience throughout his career. Kevin Rafferty isn’t just an incredible Imagineer, he is also a wonderful author and storyteller. His career comes to life through the pages of Magic Journey My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering Career. 

Kevin Rafferty has the career that many aspiring Imagineers dream of. Starting in the dish room at Disneyland, he went on to create a career at Disney where he helped bring to life beloved attractions and even lands! Throughout his four decades with Disney, he has overseen projects like Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Cars Land, Toy Story Mania, Test Track, Tower of Terror, MuppetVision, and many others! Now, he is working on Mickey and Minnie’s first attraction, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. However, being an Imagineer isn’t the career path Rafferty started on. He actually started studying to be a priest in seminary before finding his career calling at Disney.

I picked up Magic Journey My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering Career and ended up reading most of it in one sitting. I was hooked within minutes of opening the cover. Rafferty is in an incredible storyteller who brings his career to life on the pages. Not all of it is magic and pixie dust. There definitely were some struggles he had to go through. There were some projects imagined that never came to fruition. For others that did end up coming to life, it was wonderful reading the backstory behind them. Throughout his storytelling, Rafferty showcases a love for what he has spent forty years of his life dedicated to. As I continued to turn the pages, I found myself getting more and more engrossed.

Reading Magic Journey My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering Career, one gets a picture of a man who is dedicated to his family, dedicated to Disney, and dedicated to doing things to the best of his ability. This book really was inspirational and immediately went into a category of Disney books for me that all Disney fans should read. The story of Rafferty’s career shows the power of persistence, work ethic, and decency. The culmination of all of this is a book that is full of magic from the man who has spent his whole career making it! It quickly became one of my favorite Disney books!

Magic Journey My Fantastical Walt Disney Imagineering Career will be available on September 10, 2019, where books are sold. Definitely get it when you can, it’s a great one for any Disney fan’s library.