Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration – A Guest Review by Alyssa

This morning friend of DAPS MAGIC had the opportunity to experience Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort. Below she shares what the experience was like along with her thoughts about it. For more details about Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration, click here. Thank you, Alyssa, for sharing your experience with DAPS MAGIC and our readers!

Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration Experience

  • When you enter the Pop-Up Disney! Experience, you walk straight to the check-in. They check in your group and you go to the waiting area.
  • To the right of the entrance is the store where there is plenty of Mickey-themed merchandise, including some exclusive Pop-Up Disney merch.
  • The waiting area has Mickey walls that are perfect for pictures. There is also a screen playing Mickey cartoon shorts, stands where you can try on Mickey Beats and listen to a playlist of themed music, and some cool Mickey shaped seating and rugs.
  • There are hidden Minnies in every room!
  • They called us up in groups and we went upstairs (there is an elevator).
  • Immediately you walk into a room celebrating “Mickey and Minnie’s Love”, and there are hearts and bows everywhere. There is a giant “Bow-fa” that you can sit on and it’s quite fun for pictures.
  • Then you walk into “It All Started with a Mouse”, which highlights Mickey’s first appearance in ‘Steamboat Willie’. You can take pictures on Steamboat Willie. There was also a wall of Mickey plushes that seemed to be very popular and was my personal favorite.
  • Next, you go into “Mickey’s Friendships” which has gifts from all of Mickey’s friends. There are statues, giant cards, and portraits of Mickey that are unique to each friend who gifted them.
  • From there, you walk into a dark hallway that is lit up to look like the water in Fantasia, when Sorcerer Mickey is doing his magic. The pictures in this room looked really cool when taken with a good camera, but can look a little off in normal phone cameras because it is dark.
  • That travels into “Sorcerer Mickey’s Magic”,  which has Mickey in his classic Sorcerer outfit surrounded by twinkling lights. This was so pretty to look at, and the room itself was very well designed visually.
  • Next came “Mickey Around the World”, with postcards on the walls from different places, and two rooms, one of China and one of Mexico. These rooms were very cute, but the lighting wasn’t too great. However, it is a fun way of showing Mickey’s travels across the world.
  • We then transitioned into a hallway with Mickey hats on the ceiling and mirrors on either side. It was dark in here, but there could be some interesting and fun pictures taken in there as well.
  • There’s a Mickey lit up on the wall around the corner that was super cute. I think that the color can change to match what you’re wearing.
  • Another one of my personal favorite rooms was in the “Forever Mickey” section, where it looks like there are light up ear hats on shelves and a statue of Mickey in the corner. The lighting looked so cool, the colors were constantly changing. We got a lot of really cool pictures in there.
  • Then we went into the “Mickey at Disneyland”, which has Mickey in all his forms. Food, balloons, etc. were all over the place. There’s a giant Mickey balloon that you can go inside, and that was a perfect way to celebrate Mickey.
  • At the end is a large wall saying “See ya real soon!” and a statue of Mickey in all his glory.

The whole experience at Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration lasted about an hour. There are cast members to assist with photos and the overall experience. They also help to guide you as you wander through each room. I would recommend bringing a nice camera or a friend with one in order to get the best photos. The lighting in some of the rooms is a little iffy, but hopefully, that will be adjusted by opening. It felt like a very interactive museum, which I really enjoyed. There was a lot to see and there was a photo opportunity in every corner. The experience definitely caters to a more social media-driven generation, but there were people of all ages there and it seems enjoyable for everyone. Overall, I would highly recommend going. It’s a wonderful dedication to Mickey and all he’s done throughout the years!

DAPS MAGIC would like to thank Alyssa for sharing her experience with us and our readers. If you’d like to see more of Alyssa’s pictures, you can find her on Instagram at: @alyssam611

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