More AP Days, Construction, and Rainy Day Fun – Sundays With DAPs Disneyland Photo Update

This weekend at Disneyland saw rain and some vacationing crowds.  The weather didn’t stop the fun at the Disneyland Resort, and even with a few refurbishments and construction happening around.  And, AP Days are still happening for the month, with a different button, new recipe cards, but the same Robin Hood characters and film showing at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

it’s a small world has been back to its normal self as the holiday decor is completely gone.  So, why not take a cruise around the world!

When days are busy at the parks, there are sometimes more characters out to help ease the ride lines.  Cruella DeVill was out on Main Street signing autographs and posing for photos.  And be sure to take a look at our guide on how to visit characters throughout the park.

Over at Disney California Adventure, more of the tarp on Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! (that’s going to be long to say every time) was off to reveal the paint scheme.  There was a fun pass by of Five and Dime that we caught as well.

Once night hit it was time to go back to Disneyland and capture the beautiful evening around the lands.  New Orleans Square has much of their Mardi Gras decorations out for viewing, so that was the first stop.

Pirates of the Caribbean is getting the refurbishment treatment in time for its anniversary and the Spring Break crowds.  Also some of scaffolding tarp was off the train bridge at Critter Country, which makes it even closer for this classic attraction to return.


Finally, Tomorrowland had a nice glow with the lights and the stormy sky providing some backdrop to the futuristic area.

Of course we did the weekly video adventure, Sundays With DAPs, but minus Mr. Daps himself.  You can see what it was like to venture around the parks in the video below.  And we’ll be back next week with the last update of February, which means Spring and the Food and Wine festival is right around the corner!


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