Disneyland Half Marathon, Gaston, and Jasmine – Sundays With DAPs

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In this update on some of the goings on of the Disneyland park we take a look at the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon.  The theme was “duos” where a pair of characters were the focus of each race.  The pair for the 5K was Big Al and Liver Lips from the Country Bears.  For the 10K it was Aladdin and Genie.  The Half featured Mickey Mouse and his dog, Pluto.

At every Half Marathon is the Race Expo, and we have a brief hyperlapse of that.  We stop at the character stops for the 5K, then the finish line of the Half Marathon.

Back at Disneyland, this week and weekend was quite abuzz over a couple of character appearances in the park.  Jasmine of Aladdin fame has a new outfit, and Gaston has been spotted numerous times since his disappearance from the park years ago.

It may be the beginning of some characters, but the end of a long running celebration.  Disneyland’s 60th anniversary will be coming to an end today, and we take one last glimpse of the decorated castle and Carthay Circle.  It has been a fun and festive time for the anniversary of the park.  It has brought some beloved items to the Resort, and some cherished memories.  So, we bid it a final adieu and see what’s next for Disneyland!