D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event

Limited Tickets for D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event Released

D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event is about a month away. If you missed out on tickets for this event happening August 9 through 11 at the Anaheim Convention Center and Honda Center, you have another chance to get tickets. A very limited quantity of tickets to D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event have just been released.

Tickets are available for D23 Members only. However, you can sign up for a free membership if needed.

All currently available tickets (originally held back for production purposes) include a reserved seat for all three nights (same seat each night) at the evening Honda Center Presentations with 3-day access to the Anaheim Convention Center Experiences & shopping.

Tickets are in a variety of different sections and are available in singles as well as multiple seats together. Tickets are extremely limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis; while supplies last. Guests may purchase up to eight tickets (if available.)

To buy tickets, simply go to tickets.d23.com. From there, you will join a quick virtual queue and you can log in to your D23 account, and choose your tickets. You may also need to use the Presale code D23FAF.

Tickets available remain the same price as the first release earlier this year. There is no price change for these last minute tickets.

Did you get tickets for D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event the first go around? Will you get tickets for the Ultimate Disney Fan Event this time around?