Walt Disney

On December 5, 1901 an American icon was born in Chicago, IL. His dreams and ideas would change the face of entertainment, travel, innovation, technology, and of course animation. His “can do” spirit made him the ultimate entrepreneur as he moved from sketch artist, to cartoonist, to owner of one of the most recognizable studios (and now companies) in the world. His legacy has lived well beyond his own life and he is beloved by millions still today.

Walt Disney was known for making the impossible happen. People who worked with him knew that he did not like hearing something couldn’t happen. He wanted to hear what it would take and how it could happen. He was always looking forward. He was always looking to make things better. Improvement wasn’t a business model for Walt Disney, it was a lifestyle. This focus on the positive was instrumental in his success and also has been a source of inspiration for others looking to succeed. His focus on the future and improvement can perhaps be best observed in how he talked about EPCOT. Watch how excited Walt Disney gets as he talks about EPCOT. It was an innovative idea that went far beyond the world of entertainment. With EPCOT, Walt Disney was looking to change how people lived and improve city life and lifestyles for the world.

This video captures how Walt Disney loved to look forward and loved to take people on a journey with him on that journey forward.

Walt Disney’s Original EPCOT Film:

“Everything in this room may change time and time again as we move ahead, but the basic philosophy of what we’re planning for Disney World is going to remain very much as it is right now. We know what our goals are. We know what we hope to accomplish. And believe me, it’s the most exciting and challenging assignment we’ve ever tackled at Walt Disney Productions.” – Walt Disney

Walt Disney might not have lived to have see all of his dreams come to life. But they do live on. They live on as his inspiration helps propel people forward with new ideas and dreams.  Walt Disney was said, All our dreams can come true — if we have the courage to pursue them.[pullquote]”All our dreams can come true — if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney[/pullquote] On what would have been Walt Disney’s 112th birthday, let’s remember to not just dream… but to pursue the dream. The world needs more dreamers and what better gift could be given to Walt Disney than to pursue our dreams a little bit more? With that thought, let’s wish the ultimate dreamer and doer a very happy birthday. Thanks for having the courage to pursue your dreams Walt Disney. Because of that courage, your dreams will never die. 

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