Galactic Geeks! – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 949 (#467)

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Welcome to a galactic edition of GEEKS CORNER! This week, the episode has a LOT of Star Wars in one form or another in it. From the trailer released at D23 Expo to the man [...]

The Mandalorian Soundtrack to be Composed by Ludwig Göransson

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More details continue to trickle out about the upcoming Star Wars television show, The Mandalorian. Acclaimed composer and record producer Ludwig Göransson will be composing the store for the show. Göransson has an impressive resume in [...]

Star Wars Legend John Williams is Now Writing a Theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story

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As more details come out about Solo: A Star Wars, it just appears to be getting better and better. The movie, which stars Aiden Ehrenreich as a young on Solo, is now being directed by [...]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Review

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A good soundtrack tells a story. It picks the listener up from where they are at and transports them to somewhere different. Through the notes and melodies it stimulates the imagination and the heart in [...]

Remembering DisneyQuest – Disney’s Only Indoor Theme Park

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DisneyQuest closed its doors on July 2, 2017 after almost 20 years of being an experimental theme park for Disney. The Plan DisneyQuest first opened in Orlando at what was then known as Downtown Disney [...]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Soundtrack Review

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continues to make money at the box office and prove that a Star Wars stand alone story can be a success. Rogue One shows the harrowing adventure that a [...]

Michael Giacchino Takes Over Composing Duties for Star Wars: Rogue One

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Star Wars: Rogue One continues to stay in the news with its productions adventures. The newest tidbit to come out of this production is that Michael Giacchino will be taking over the scoring duties from Alexandre [...]

John Williams Confirmed to Score Indiana Jones 5 and Star Wars Episode VIII

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Music geeks around the world can heave a big sigh of relief. John Williams is confirmed to compose the scores to both Indiana Jones 5 and also Star Wars Episode VIII. The news confirming Indiana Jones [...]

John Williams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens Score to be Recorded in Los Angeles

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John Williams to record Star Wars: The Force Awakens score in Los Angeles, CA For the first six Star Wars films, the scores were recorded at Abbey Road Studios (yea, that place The Beatles [...]

Thomas Newman to Score Soundtrack to Steven Speilberg's BRIDGE OF SPIES Starring Tom Hanks

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Steven Spielberg has partnered with a different musician than normal for his upcoming film Bridge of Spies.  If you have followed Spielberg's career (or just did a quick search of IMDB), you know that generally [...]