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Disneyland Paris Reimagines and Renames Second Park Disney Adventure World

On the anniversary of Disneyland Paris, new details were announced about its second park. This park, formerly known as Walt Disney Studios is getting reimagined, expanded, and renamed. The new name is Disney Adventure World. The new name will be happening in conjunction with the opening of World of Frozen at the park. This new vision for the park promises to expand it, nearly doubling its footprint. It will also transform it into a world of adventure, and that invention will involve snow if you visit the World of Frozen!

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A video was released by Disneyland Paris announcing the change in vision for the park and its name. In it, Disneyland Paris President Natacha Rafalski and Chief Storytelling Executive/Senior Creative Executive Tom Fitzgerald share about the future of the park.

“Today, we are changing the story of Walt Disney Studios Park, evolving from ‘how it’s done’ soundstages to celebratory theaters and adventures that come to life in immersive worlds. These fully realized adventure worlds will become the focus of the park’s new identity and appear as realms that guests discover as they navigate deeper within the park and are invited to participate in adventures inspired by our most beloved stories,” Tom Fitzgerald, Walt Disney Imagineering Chief Storytelling Executive and Senior Creative Executive for Disneyland Paris commented. These will be adventures that guests get to play a role in the story.

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With the new name and new vision will come a whole new experience for guests visiting the parks. This will include a brand new experience entering the park as guests are welcomed to the park’s promenade, Adventure Way. There will be other new experiences, entertainment, attractions, and enhancements that are designed to take guests right into the middle of their favorite Disney stories as well. Disney shared that the changes aren’t just coming to the park, however. Disney Village will also be getting some enhancements, as will the hotels.

“Embracing a transformation that involves the overhaul of more than 90% of Walt Disney Studios Park since its debut in 2002, we’re unveiling a fresh creative vision that has completely redefined our second gate,” Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris shared. “It’s set to offer unique adventures in immersive worlds, serving as a perfect complement to Disneyland Park.”

New Entrance for Disney Adventure Park

Concept art was shared by Disneyland Paris to give a look at what will be coming for guests in the future when they visit Disney Adventure Park. It, along with the accompanying captions, details the changes and is scheduled to be completed by spring 2025.

As Walt Disney Studios Park transforms into Disney Adventure Park, guests will be getting a whole new entrance experience. As they enter the park in the spring of 2025, they will be transported into a “vibrant, contemporary open-air movie studio, World Premiere, and welcomed to the glamorous movie premiere in the heart of Hollywood.” The current “soundstage” décor will be replaced with new pieces that pay homage to historical movie theaters. The following concept art was shared by Disneyland Paris, detailing what the entrance will be like for guests visiting Disney Adventure Park!

Beginning this month, the park’s transformation work will extend to the entrance area to immerse guests in the brand-new story as soon as they step into Disney Adventure World. After passing through the turnstiles, guests will be transported into a vibrant, contemporary open-air movie studio before becoming special guests of a glamorous film premiere in the heart of Hollywood on a starry night. To bring this all-new immersive experience to life, the interior décor of the “soundstage” – which currently depicts a filming scene on Hollywood Boulevard – will be replaced with crafted décor that pays homage to historic movie theaters in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole. The new entrance building, renamed World Premiere, will reopen in Spring 2025.  
Once outside the building, guests will arrive in the heart of World Premiere Plaza, an area that brings together theaters, currently celebrating Disney Animation and Pixar stories, in a stylish Art Déco-inspired setting. The Walt Disney Imagineering Paris teams are already at work to turn the park’s former central square into a dynamic and warm environment with décor inspired by the famous facades of Broadway and West End theaters. The atmosphere will be even more vibrant and magical at night, with bright lights illuminating the whole experience!

Here is another view of this new entrance area:

Adventure Way Destinations

To gain access to the park’s immersive worlds, guests will be able to walk along Adventure Way, a beautiful promenade surrounded by lush landscape and themed gardens – the perfect spot for magical daydreams. As guests wander through this enchanting area, they will discover Raiponce Tangled Spin, an all-new family attraction offering a fun take on a classic ride, inspired by the beloved Disney Animation movie Tangled. It will invite guests to “take a spin” through the iconic floating lanterns scene that has touched the hearts of viewers of all ages. 
Finally, before setting off on new adventures, guests will have the chance to treat their taste buds to delicious dishes served at The Regal View Restaurant and Lounge, a stylish table-service restaurant that will offer guests spectacular views over Adventure Bay, along with a chance to meet some of their favorite Disney Princesses. 

World of Frozen

The World of Frozen will allow guests to visit Arendelle, visit Elsa and Anna, experience the Frozen Ever After attraction, and even see the North Mountain.

With an unprecedented level of immersion and powerful storytelling, the latest experiences delivered across the park already reflect this new creative vision. Among the breathtaking experiences that will be offered in the future, World of Frozen is going to take guests on a journey to the kingdom of Arendelle with its colorful facades and remarkable North Mountain that are gradually coming into view.

Currently, work is continuing on this new land that will be up against Adventure Bay. Adventure Bay is a 70,000 cubic meter body of water surrounded by picturesque banks and a promenade at the heart of the park expansion, serving as a gateway to the new themed universes that will surround it. This will also serve as an entertainment venue with 360-degree viewing. Disney shared that it is currently being fitted with the “latest technologies to provide exciting water-based entertainment, complete with fountains, music, lights and special effects.” Disney California Adventure and EPCOT both show water-based entertainment in their bays or lagoons currently with their shows World of Color and Luminous. It isn’t known if this will be the next generation of either of these offerings.

A Whole New World

Disneyland Paris also shared that there is a whole new world (sorry… maybe not) coming to Disney Adventure Park. While details are scarce on this, there was concept art shared with the promise that new details will be coming soon.

And that’s just the beginning! A brand-new immersive world, whose concept and design are currently being finalized by Imagineers, will further enhance the appeal of this reimagined park in the years to come. More details will be shared in the future.  

There are many more changes coming to Disneyland Paris and its second park, Disney Adventure Park. What do you think of this first set of announcements and the new names? Stay tuned to Daps Magic for more updates that are coming to Disneyland Paris as more announcements are being made on its anniversary (today). Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!