D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event Reservation Guide

GUIDE: Panel Reservations for D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event

D23 has announced the incredible lineup of panels, presentations, and activations for this year’s D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event. This includes offerings that will be found throughout the Anaheim Convention Center. To experience many of these offerings, D23 is utilizing the Reservation Random Selection Process (“Reservation RSP”). This will allow guests to pick their preferred experiences through the weekend and then D23 will randomly distribute reservations. This includes requesting reservations for presentations, talent signings and show floor experiences at the Anaheim Convention Center. Below is a look at how this reservation process will work. It should be noted that making a reservation really means making a reservation preferences.

The actual reservations will be distributed by D23 between August 2nd and August 5th after they have been picked randomly by D23. The reservations will be communicated to attendees via email for any confirmed selections. Those who do not get assigned reservations for their preferences still have the opportunity to experience Anaheim Convention Center panels and experiences through the standby queues, which will be available for most of these offerings.

Guests can add other guests to their group when making reservations. A guest can add up to 7 other guests to their group when making reservations.

There are three categories for making reservation selections. Each section allows a guest to choose up to four items. The more selections that are made the more chances there are for receiving at least one reservation. For each item selected, up to seven guests can be added. The number of additional guests MUST be selected when requesting a reservation. It is not possible to add additional guests at a later date.

Here are the three categories that will be available for reservations:

  • Stage Presentations: Provides reservations to the confirmed sessions at Premiere Stage presented by Fandango, The Walt Disney Archives Stage, Backlot Stage, and Hyperion Stage.
  • Talent Central: Provides reservations for the confirmed talent photos and signings at Talent Central.
  • Show Floor Experiences: Provides reservations for talent signings, demonstrations, presentations, and giveaways happening in booths around the Show Floor.

Reservations may not be made for the evening shows at the Honda Center as these are only available for guests with the D23 Ultimate Fan Pass tickets and include specific seats. If you don’t have your badge(s) because you are picking them up at will call, simply use your D23 Member login to participate. Guests who are under 18 are not eligible to make reservations, they can attend these offerings with an adult as a guest though. Guests can also only be assigned one reservation per time slot. This is part of the algorithm for distributing reservations by D23 so keep that in mind. Recognize that there are thousands of people attending this event who all will be making their reservation preferences known as well. Please be gracious and recognize that there is no way for every single person to do everything they want to do.

D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event
D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event

Making a Panel Reservation for D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event

Reservation Random Selection Process (“Reservation RSP”) will be accessed at: https://d23.com/ultimate-disney-fan-event/2024-reservations/. The reservation window will begin on Monday July 15, 2024, at 12:00 PM PT and conclude on Friday, July 19, 2024 at 12:00 PM PT.

Here are the specific steps to make a reservation for a panel or other offering:

1. Use the Enter the Reservation RSP button on the D23 Reservation page to navigate to the Reservation Random Selection Process entry page.

2. Sign in using your D23 Member account tied to your badges.

3. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with reservation selections available on the day(s) your badge is good for. If you are entering with a 3-Day badge, note the date at the top of the page can be changed to view and make selections for all three (3) days.

4. Under each of the three (3) reservation categories, click the +Add Selections box to expand. 

A laptop depicting the Random Selection Process (RSP) page. The top of the page has the D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event Logo. Below it is a drop-down menu that says Aug 9, 2024, with buttons that read View All, Show Floor Experiences, Stage Presentations, and Talent Central. Instructions below the buttons read To make your selections, please click on "Add selections." Make sure to choose selections for each day you are attending by using the date dropdown selection above. There are sections for Show Floor Experiences, Stage Presentations, and Talent Central, each with a button that says "Add Selections" below it. There is a blue button that says "Review Selections" in the bottom right of the screen.

5. Click on the individual reservations in each section to rank your preferences from 1–4. You can unselect an item to make changes or reorder your preferences.

6. Once you are happy with your preferences, click the Continue with Selections button to choose whether guests will be joining you. Select “1 Guest” if you are bringing a Guest with you (yourself +1, up to 7). Otherwise, do not select anything if you are not bringing a Guest (you only). Note: You will need to add your guest selection to each individual reservation.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all other reservation categories.

8. When you have made your selections for all categories, click the Review Selections button at the bottom of the page to review your full list of selections.

9. Click the Submit button once you are happy with your preference selections. And you are done! You will receive an email with a confirmation of the selections you provided. You can also return to the start of reservations any time before July 19, 2024, at 12 p.m. PT to modify your selection preferences.

Reservations will begin to be distributed to attendees of D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event on August 2nd. This process will continue through August 5th. Be sure to check your email during this time to see what reservations you may have received. If you are not receiving any emails from D23, be sure to check your SPAM folder.

More information about D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event can be found on Daps Magic’s page that is dedicated to this event. This page will continue to be updated with more news and information as it becomes available. Daps Magic will also be covering the news that comes out of D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event so be sure to follow along by subscribing to the Daps Magic newsletter, checking the website, and following along on YouTube and other social media platforms.