Rainy Day Cavalcades

Rainy Day Cavalcade – Day Ten – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

One of the things I really enjoy far more than I probably should is a rainy day cavalcade. It doesn’t matter what park. It doesn’t matter what parade it is covering for. There is just something magical about seeing a small cavalcade of Disney characters making their way through the park in the rain. If I have a hot cup of coffee while watching it, even better! An umbrella? That’s optional. The trilby? Not optional. I just love standing in the rain as the cavalcade makes its way past me. The more rain there is, the better!

There have been multiple different rainy day cavalcades through the years. Generally they all have a couple of things in common, though. They have a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head for awhile. At Disneyland they are generally made up of Main Street vehicles. They also generally don’t require much of a wait. The result is one can usually walk up to see it right before they arrive at any given point in the park, enjoy a few magical moments and smiles, and then continue on with your day.

Occasionally these rainy day cavalcades will be presented at night! These are even better! The headlights reflect against the water on the parade route. The Christmas lights of the parks do the same. This creates an absolutely beautiful and magical experience. They can also be quite beautiful to photograph if you are prepared for the weather.

Rainy day (or night) cavalcades are one of those things that I think offer such a great gift for really not a ton of effort. I’m very thankful every time I get to experience one. I’m also thankful for the moments before and after I have had with friends as we have an adventure in the rain in the parks. This makes the moments even better!

What are you thankful for today? Do you love the rainy day cavalcades as much as I do? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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