The Four Best Places to Watch ‘Wondrous Journeys’ at Disneyland

Wondrous Journeys, the new nighttime spectacular, starts its run tonight at Disneyland with the Disney100 celebration. This nighttime spectacular will light up Disneyland nightly with projections and on select nights it will also include fireworks (check the entertainment schedule on the Disneyland app or for what is being offered when you visit). There are many places where Wondrous Journeys can be seen throughout Disneyland, particularly when fireworks are included. However, there are four places that are better than the rest for experiencing this show whether it has fireworks or not. Take a look below at the four best locations to watch this nighttime spectacular that is celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company.

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Sleeping Beauty Castle

The most obvious location, watching Wondrous Journeys in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle will give a beautiful view of the projections on the castle and the fireworks over the castle. This is an iconic view of any nighttime spectacular at Disneyland and generally offers a beautiful view.

Pros: One of the best views for any nighttime spectacular at the Disneyland Resort and easily one of the most iconic. There are few things more magical than watching a nighttime spectacular with the castle in front of you, especially when there are fireworks.

Cons: This is a very popular area to watch any show and will be crowded. It also will be the longest location to wait for. In general, unless it is reserved seating, this area is all standing as well. Don’t be fooled by all the people who are sitting while waiting. They will be asked to stand at some point. There also is a walkway in front of the viewing area that sometimes can be distracting.

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Main Street, USA

Another great place to watch Wondrous Journeys is on Main Street, USA. From most of the street, Sleeping Beauty Castle can be seen. Main Street also has projections on both sides of the street as well, creating a very immersive experience. On nights when it is only projections, Main Street, USA is in some ways better than being up near Sleeping Beauty Castle. Pick a spot to watch where it is easy to see the buildings of Main Street, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and also the skies above the castle if it is a night with fireworks. Generally, slightly to the right side of the street makes for easier viewing of fireworks than the left.

Pros: This is one of the most immersive places to view a nighttime spectacular at Disneyland. It surrounds viewers with both sights and sounds. Getting a place on Main Street, USA also doesn’t require as long of a wait as in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Cons: This is a place where there can be the most distractions so bring patience. Sometimes this is kids on shoulders, balloons, tall people, and also people crossing in a couple of places.

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it’s a small world Mall

The area in front of it’s a small world is a great place to watch a nighttime spectacular at the Disneyland Resort. The projections are beautiful on the facade of the attraction. On nights when there are fireworks, they feel very close and powerful and add to the experience. This is a beautiful place to watch a show that offers a different experience than the others.

Pros: This is often an easy place to get a spot without waiting for too long. Simply wander up to the area around it’s a small world and make sure that the front of the attraction is easy to see. On nights with fireworks, they will be mostly to the left of the attraction behind Mickey’s Toontown. It’s also really cool to have the fireworks as close as they are in this location.

Cons: Some of the effects can be missed in this area, especially any pyrotechnics that are shot off from the castle. If leaving right after the show is over, this can take a while as crowds make their way to the front of the park.

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Rivers of America

The Rivers of America is a fun place to watch a show like Wondrous Journeys, especially if Fantasmic! is presented right before. If it is, simply stay after the show and watch the fireworks. If Fantasmic! is not running on a night when at Disneyland, this is a fun and easy spot to watch projections and fireworks.

Pros: This is one of the easiest places to get a spot. If there isn’t Fantasmic! generally one can walk up right before the show starts. If there is Fantasmic!, simply stay in place after the show and enjoy. For photographers, there are some fun photo opportunities on non-Fantasmic! nights as well with the Rivers of America and Mark Twain at the dock.

Cons: Projections aren’t as immersive in this location. They are easy to see but not quite as powerful. The fireworks are also a little bit further away. Lastly, this is the most difficult location to leave from as things get bottlenecked as guests attempt to make their way to Main Street, USA to leave for the night.

There are other locations around Disneyland where Wondrous Journeys can be seen, particularly when fireworks are also included. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a great place to watch fireworks (without the music that is played throughout other areas of the park). Fantasyland can also be fun for a unique perspective. There are also some spots in Tomorrowland and Adventureland that can be fun for unique experiences as well for where fireworks can be seen. However, the four best locations for both fireworks and projections are the locations that are listed above.

What is your favorite place to watch a nighttime spectacular at Disneyland? Does it change if there are fireworks included or solely projections? Share your thoughts, tips, opinions, and ideas in the comments below!


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    Went to Disneyland yesterday and no projections at Rivers of America :(

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