Photos From A Rainy Night Stroll at the Disneyland Resort

There has been a lot of rain around California this winter. As California has been pelted by rain storm after rain storm the Disneyland Resort continues to create magic for guests on a daily basis. January 4th was one of those rainy days at the Disneyland Resort, and then night. In the evening, a couple of the Daps Magic team stopped by Disney California Adventure and then Disneyland to enjoy the magical glow of the Disney lights reflecting in the rainwater.

The evening began in Disney California Adventure with a stop by Paradise Gardens to see Phat Cat Swinger. As the band began their sound check the rain began to come down and soon the band was gone, the tarps were out, and a different kind of magic was being made at the Disneyland Resort. As the rain came down, it was decided that we would wander wherever we felt inspired to go. The first stop was in Cars Land. At this point, the rain was also blowing, and keeping a lens clear was incredibly difficult.

The first photo of the night was of Flo’s V-8 Cafe.

Cast members stood in the street where we were taking pictures. They were notifying people that Radiator Springs Racers was closed as photos were taken. This led to a much emptier area near the entrance of the attraction. The Christmas lights in the area glowed vibrantly through the night. The color of the lights seemed to be amplified by the rain.

As the wind continued to blow rain around, it was decided that Avengers Campus could be a good place to visit next. People were starting to decide that the rain was really sticking around this time and were now starting to disperse. This led to some lovely shots near the Ancient Sanctum.

Another area that was beautiful in Avengers Campus was the Black Panther Celebration Garden. The purple lights that glowed in the night were absolutely gorgeous as the rain trickled down.

The next stop was Hollywood Lounge in Hollywood Land for photos of this retro location both from under the Hollywood Studios entrance and also through the trees. It was fun to frame this location with the entrance and trees.

Slowly we made our way to the front of Disney California Adventure, with a stop at Carthay Circle. There, photos were taken of the Carthay Circle Restaurant and then the restaurant with the Red Car Trolley.

As the rain lightened up, the stroll to Disneyland was made. Main Street was still rather full so it was decided that photos might be fun at it’s a small world Holiday. The gamble proved to be a good one as the area around small world was not busy at all.

Following the photos of small world, announcements could be heard saying that Believe… in Holiday Magic might not be presented due to the weather. Wandering through Fantasyland, the Mad Tea Party made for interesting photos.

The ropes were still up for fireworks which made for some beautiful views of the back of Sleeping Beauty Castle and Fantasyland.

The last stop of the evening, at least with tripods and cameras, was in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. When nearing the Millennium Falcon, the rain started to pick up again so photos were taken based on where there was some protection from the rain. This led to some fun shots of the Falcon and the area around it.

Rainy nights at the Disneyland Resort are absolutely magical. They provide their own unique challenges for taking pictures but that also makes the experience even more fun! Throughout the night, there was some time spent drinking coffee and simply enjoying watching the rain come down. A video of the rain in Avengers Campus was also taken and shared on Instagram as well.

We’ll be posting how we took these photos on our Patreon in the coming days. What do you think of rainy evenings at the Disneyland Resort? What is your favorite thing to do? What is your favorite photo from the Daps Magic’s team on this rainy night at the Disneyland Resort? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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