Top 5 Disney Stories of 2022: #4 Avengers Campus Paris

As we keep counting down positive Disney stories of 2022, one takes us clear into another side of the globe from fifth place. Avengers Campus Paris opened this last summer and made quite the impact both in its own setting and even here in the States. Here is why it earned its fourth place of stories…

California Born

The Paris site of the Avengers Campus really starts with its California version. When the new area for Disney California Adventure was announced the Paris land was also given a preview. It was known that Walt Disney Studios Paris park would have a brand new Marvel headquarters. A twin version of the WEB Slingers attraction was being built with the new land, and Disneyland Paris park-goers were eagerly anticipating all of it.

Opening Party

The grand opening of Avengers Campus Paris showed that this was not just a copy of the DCA headquarters. Previews of Avengers Flight Force displayed a huge change from its Rock N’ Roller Coaster days. This was almost a completely new attraction. But, it was the party itself that caught the attention of many. Once night hit, a huge dance party filled the area. Then, in grand hero fashion, the sky had several drones form various symbols of superheroes in spectacular ways. It had people buzzing with what could be done in the Avengers Campus at the Disneyland Resort.

A Welcome Addition to the Team

Avengers Campus Paris is a huge success as many are wanting to go see it in Paris. But, why that is something is important is that it’s the first major expansion in a long time for the Paris resort. There has been some attraction overlays, some special events, a makeover for a hotel in the last few years. But, this new area really revitalizes not just Walt Disney Studios Paris, but the resort as well. It keeps being brought up throughout the year as more heroes make their way there, and guests go to visit this new sight. It was a much needed piece of the Paris puzzle.

What do you think of this expansion as being a top story? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Also below is some of our coverage of this new area of Disneyland Paris.

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