Walt Disney World Resort Guests Instructed to Shelter in Rooms as Hurricane Ian Arrives

As weather reports predict that the weather will get significantly worse at 9:00 PM ET in the Orlando area, Walt Disney World Resort is instructing its guests to remain in their rooms starting at 9:00 PM until the storm subsides. The announcement is being shown on the bottom of the Resort TV channels on the televisions in Walt Disney World Resort rooms.

The instructions from Disney come after housekeeping stopped by rooms earlier in the evenings with a bag for each room. The bag included coffee, cups and condiments for the coffee, toilet paper, soap, and also a flashlight with batteries. Throughout the day Walt Disney World Resor hotels offered activities, had characters out and about in the lobby, gave away snacks, and also had meal kits for sale in preparation for the arrival of the storm.

Walt Disney World Resort has also closed its theme parks, Disney Springs, and other locations that are not safe places to be throughout the storm. Currently, Hurricane Ian is headed towards Orlando and Walt Disney World and is expected to be passing right over the area over the course of the next day. Disney is sharing updates regarding its operations and Hurricane Ian at DisneyWorld.com/Weather. Daps Magic continues to cover this story and post news and updates at DapsMagic.com/Hurricane-Ian.


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